He had the illusion that he was a genius.

You can get it at any bookseller's.

I come from Brazil.

It was a well-aimed shot.

I didn't go dancing on the ice exactly once.

Nichael wondered if Miles knew John had spent three years in prison.


Presley only reads paperback novels.

What did you need this for?

The girl's father put her hair in a braid.

Shut it down.

This is going to take a while.


We talked about what was happening in Boston.

"It's not my fault if you lose things." "But you stole them from me!"

Damone shouldn't have tried to tackle that alone.

I thought you might feel like going out for a drink.

You sure do use a lot of butter.

The men aren't shocked, but the women are.

I feel giddy.

Bruno seems motivated.

I've a yen for adventures.

I need to talk to you about what happened here last week.

You should be ashamed of your stupidity.

I can't keep up with Vishal, but it's fun trying.

We both are friends.

Ira's face showed his surprise.

I thought we were happy.

How can you be sure that's true?

I got up about five.

What brings you back to town?

Pack eggs in dozens.

He is talking on the phone.

She lived in five different countries by age 25.

She walked slowly for fear she should slip.

She knew that if she started to cry her mascara would run.

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She understands French.

Person of the future: "The calendar of this Unix machine that the ancients built only goes up to January 19, 2038. As such, I am convinced that this marks the day of the Earth's destruction."

I met his wife at the station. She's very attractive.

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I'm sure I can find her.


What kind of man is Dieter?

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What percentage of the people speak three languages?

They fixed it.

The problem is that I don't have any money.

Lila is 50 years behind the times.

When was the last time you heard French being spoken?

Move the neck slowly from one side to the other. It's an excellent physical exercise.

I often go to the beach.


He confirmed that it was the wreck of the Titanic.

I am not able to do it by any means.

Thanks, I'll delete it then.


Did you happen to see Gretchen?


Casper has been on the wanted list for three years.

Naren is socially awkward.

He fell under the suspicion of the police.

Something like that happened to me, too.

"Hrmm," mumbled Professor Takeda as he twisted his moustache.

Have you discussed it with them?

I'll visit Mr. Brown tomorrow.

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The student's progress is satisfactory.

I don't know why you need it.

I'm holding you personally responsible for getting us in trouble with the police.

They not only rejected the study of science out of the christian schools, but they persecuted it.

Isn't there anything they can do?

Miltos hasn't called you, has he?

While the easiest way in metaphysics is to condemn all metaphysics as nonsense, the easiest way in morals is to elevate the common practice of the community into a moral absolute.


Excuse me, could you explain the meaning of this sentence to me?

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He made his way to the room.

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Are you happy at your own home?


I will be seeing her again next Friday.

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Did you see what happened last night?

I work better under pressure.

The first day in Paris we saw our friends and the following day we went to the Louvre.


I had to tell Hurf.


Life has its limits and no matter how I live, I want there to be courage and hope sent to future generations as in, "The Way He Lived."

I like my life.

We can't do this without her.

I appreciate your help.

They were satisfied with the result.


I'm busy preparing for the trip.


Now we have one less thing to worry about.


I'm going to take a cab.

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Britain's currency crisis has turned into a political one over government failure to stop the pound from going into free-fall.

It's not something I can decide quickly.

Here are your choices.

I can make you a legend.

When Rajeev entered the kitchen, the floor was covered in water.

I'll go and find it for you.

I just bought it last week.

The point is that mother is not very hard on the child.

The opposite of easy is difficult.


She seems to be in trouble. Tell her what to do.

The black and white dog has bitten me.

I think Micah is attentive.

No one suspected her.

Boil chestnuts for at least 15 minutes.

He taught me how to write a poem.

The problem lies in the fact that the necessary gap is bridged by perception.


You have a great laugh.


I'm delighted to hear that.

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I don't like adventures.

He arrived quite out of the blue.

That's my medicine.

If you respect yourself, then others will respect you.

Enough of vacation!

That's for suckers.

Kolkka told them not to do that.

That may be difficult.

It's almost time for us to go.

Wade didn't look dangerous at all.

Only the assumption that the reader - I better say: the prospective reader, because for the moment there is not the slightest prospect, that my writing could see the lights of publicity, - unless it miraculously left our endangered fortress Europe and brought a hint of the secrets of our loneliness to those outside; - I beg to be allowed to begin anew: only because I anticipate the wish to be told casually about the who and what of the writer, I send some few notes on my own individuum out before these openings, - of course not without the awareness that exactly by doing so I might provoke doubts in the reader, that he is in the right hands, which is to say: if I, from all my being, am the right man for a task to which maybe the heart pulls me more than any qualifying relation in character.

She has got a lot of weak points.

Just between ourselves, I don't think he's going to succeed.

A lot of people think that bats are birds.

To the best of my knowledge, this chemical will prevent germs from breeding.

Molly got a kick out of the way Rainer told the story.

They don't want to cut anything out of the budget.


Shatter had several photos of Lorraine taken with a telephoto lens.

Isn't Kevan supposed to be doing his homework now?

Give a dog a bad name and hang him.

Did you get the note that I left you?

I don't want any money.

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Is it really necessary to save these letters?

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I'm not a fan.

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Children should keep away from the danger.


It's the best book that I've ever read.


The book you gave me is very interesting.


If you want to be credible, tell people only what they believe.

You can put me in jail, but you cannot give me narrower quarters than as a seaman I have always had; you cannot give me coarser food than as a seaman I have always eaten; you cannot make me lonelier than as a seaman I have always been.

Humans accomplish amazing things, because they can exchange informations about their knowledge and intentions via the medium of language.


I suggest we try a little harder.

Tony speaks English as well as you.

Winter changed to spring.


Alex worked for almost three hours.

If I were you, I wouldn't go live with him.

How do you like Germany?

Modern technology has made our lives more comfortable.

He wooed them with promises of higher wages.


I know you were just doing your job.


Train services have been disrupted by the bad weather.


The weather is bad and it's the day before payday, so I won't go out today.

I overslept because I stayed up late.

Deb wants to meet you in the library.

Send her in, and I will see her now.

They graduated from college.

How important?

You're still involved.

I hear that he eats frogs.

She speaks English with a foreign accent.

I'm thinking of firing you.

There is no mother who doesn't love her own child.

I want to do some sport.

I guess they speak French.


Raymond thought it was a stupid plan.

We should never have stayed.

The hawk caught a rat.

You don't seem to be very hungry.

Paul expected this to happen.

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That was totally rad.

We're saving up so our children can go to college.

Thanks for the update.


Why didn't somebody help him?